Xavy has celebrated his 2nd birthday last month at Disneyland Hong Kong, he’s already a 2 years old boy.

We are considered one of the lucky family ~ we have chances to enjoy our breakfast with the two kids everyday morning without rushing to work.

Sometimes, we also made fruit juice for the breakfast.

Daddy Kenji said he enjoys to tie hair for Zaanse before her school. After breakfast and dress-up, the kids always reach school around 930am and the school is just located downstair of our block. It’s also the top reason we choose this school.

Some of the photos I took for this month :

When the kids are playing together.

When the kids are taking shower together.

We also celebrated the Halloween Party at home and Xavy dressed as a dinosaur.

The 2Y boy likes train very much, he is so different from his sister and he can play alone by himself.

Guess what, there are times when the kids are fighting and they are asked to sit on their naughty chairs.

So far we haven’t beaten our kids and the discipline method we used is just the naughty chair.

This month, we also joined my sister solemnisation and she has stayed with us for few days. The kids alway like to look for her.

My mom also come to stay with us for her youngest daughter big event.

And the kids have the Deepavali Celebration in School, Zaanse choose the Bebezoo Dress as her party dress. We also joined the parents volunteer to help hanna painting for the kids.

I also brought some tattoo stickers for the kids, it was quite a fun experiences to be the parents volunteer in school.

I hope the kids enjoy their Deepavali Celebration.

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