We have not been doing any party at home for more than a year. And we finally found an excuse to invite Zaanse’s classmates to our house for Halloween Party. Zaanse has been looking forward for this party and she wrote this paper in the last minute while waiting for her friends arrival. She wrote everything and the dinosaur is drawn by both of her and daddy Kenji.

The decoration of the party is very simple, much more easy that what we have done for Zaanse and Xavy party.

I baked the cream cheese filling blueberries muffins and made the “worm” jelly. I can’t remember how many times I have made the blueberries muffins during the blueberries season, definitely more than 5 times.

Instead of self print out the water bottles stickers, I just bought some simple Halloween stickers online and paste them to the bottles. Zaanse was the one who pasted all the stickers onto the water bottles.

Most of the decorations are bought online or from Daiso.

And we emptied the playroom for game venue later. Xavy was super excited too!

His Halloween Costume is the Dino hoodie and Dino pants from our shop. Check out the details below.

Zaanse’s friends arrived and they were excited with the jelly.

Time to dress up the kids. We have super hero, witch, harry porter?

After the food, we rest in the living hall and have some chats with the parents.

Time to gather the children to line up to the game room. Guess what, we managed to invite Zaanse’s previous form teacher and all of these children know her well. She is very good to get the children attention.

Everyone is ready for game?

Before the game, we are distributing the LED toys to every children.

Xavy choose the Mickey ring.

The first game is “Pin the Spider on the Web”.

The kid is required to blindfold their eyes and paste the stickers on the spider web.

The kids are allowed to ask sweets from adults after they pasted the stickers on the spider web.

Guess what, we all agreed that this little super hero was the cutest kid in the house, he was too cute!

The next game was to use the glow in the dark necklaces as rings to ring the water bottles!

It’s so much fun to play in the dark.

After the 2 games, we let the kids to go to Zaanse and Xavy’s room to play the toys so that we can hide the goodies pumpkin baskets brought from their teacher.

It’s the treasure hunt game!

Everyone managed to find the treasures.

Time for bed, I hope the kids enjoyed the night and having lots of fun! Happy Halloween twenty sixteen ~

Check out below for the Dino hoodies and Dino pants wore by Xavy.

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