December is one of my most favourite months of the year, and it is definitely the most favourite months for the kids too. It is the month of celebrations and we have celebrated four times of Christmas for this year.

The first celebration of Christmas was done together with my sister birthday.

At the same month, we also started to prepare Zaanse’s 4th birthday party. She packed all the goodies bags for her friends by herself.

Some of the daily photos at home with the two kids.

The boy has been helping to put his clothes into laundry bags since he turned 20 months old.

We celebrated our second Christmas as XM’s house together with LY.

The third Christmas was celebrated in their school and the theme is black and white. So the kids have to dressed up with black and white outfits.

The school is asking for parent volunteers and daddy Kenji volunteer to be the Santa Claus while I helped the kids to do face painting.

It was quite fun (and tiring) to help out and playing with the pre-schoolers.

For the fourth Christmas, we were celebrating at daddy’s cousin house and we have prepared many presents for the kids. They were so excited and looking forward for the celebration.

Their grandparents also come to celebrate with the kids.

It is definitely one of the biggest Christmas celebration for the kids and they have received so many presents from everybody.

On the same day, we also celebrated birthday for the “December babies”.

The next day, the kids were just busy unwrapping all of their Christmas presents.

Last by not least, we celebrated Zaanse’s 4th birthday in her school with Sofia theme.

For the month of December, we also brought the kids to Art Science Museum, Christmas Wonderland and All-stars Nick Junior.


— Zaanse and Xavy outfits sponsored by our shop —

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