Met SL for lunch one of the weekday in November during her maternity leave period and she recommended us to bring our kids to ArtScience Museum. After seeing many photos in Instagram and we decided to bring the kids for a day out during their school off day.

The kids are dressed up and ready to go!

It’s probably their first time to visit to Marina Bay Sands and both are excited.

We choose the family combo ticket which is much cheaper compared to buy individually and we only bought the ticket for future world.

The first stop – Nature.

Followed by – Town.

However, the kids are more interested on the cave and slide.

Especially for Xavy, he can’t stop playing the slide.

Zaanse prefer the colouring of the vehicles.

I also sketched a truck with name of “Pocketpig Diary”.

Then we proceed to the “Park”.

And the last station is “Space”.

The kids have a lot of fun in the ArtScience Museum and we found it interesting too.

We left after lunch at MBS, it’s nap time for the kids.


— Zaanse and Xavy outfits sponsored by our shop —


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