Time flies, Zaanse is going to celebrate her 4th birthday! Can’t imagine our little baby Zaanse is already 4 years old and we have been together with her for 4 years. While planning for her birthday party theme and she told me that she wanted Sofia the First as her birthday party theme. So I have bought some goodies bags and cake stand from online shop and managed to get them to arrive before her special day. We let her pack all the thirty goodies bags by herself. Well, Xavy was only interested on the Thomas Train puzzles.

On the actual day, we brought back the little muffins and rainbow cakes from Prima Deli and setup the cake stand for the party.

Teacher told us that the birthday party was going to start at 3:30pm after the kids woke up from nap. Zaanse was so happy to see us brought her the cakes and goodies bags, she also dressed-up and ready to be the princess of the day.

We also prepared some party hats for the kids.

Since Zaanse just switch the class, we decided to prepare the food and goodies bags for both classes so that all her old friends could join the celebration.

She was so happy to serve her friends with the food.

Her little brother also joined her birthday celebration and we wore the family shirts sponsored from our shop :p

Teacher tried to snap photos for us.

After finished the cakes, it was about time to distribute the goodies bags.

We also prepared a big princess Sofia balloon which I bought from carousell at last minute as the prop of the day.

Lastly, it is the group photo.


— Zaanse and Xavy outfits sponsored by our shop —


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