Finally, we celebrated Zaanse two years old birthday! This time we also celebrated on her actual day (27th, which is a Saturday) and made it at our home, first year was celebrated in Malacca (link here).

All the party food were homemade by myself except this birthday cake which I ordered from Polar Puff with a twenty percent discount. It was actually their Christmas signature cake and I made some changes to become Zaanse birthday cake. I also made these little pink macarons, and made the buttercream filling for them. The cake stand was bought from taobao and beautiful three tiers stand was borrowed from neighbour.

Picture in the left was the ham and egg breakfast cups (details here); picture in the right was the mini pancake stack (details here). The two tiers stand was bought from Ikea during Ikea sales, I always used them to serve the food.

I also made the Nutella Bread Puddings, this time I triple the recipes (details here).

For the desserts, I made these simple Strawberry and blueberry Yogurt Parfaits (details here).

The overall picture of the brunch table setting.

I used all the existing stuffs for the setup, the two clouds were taken from Zaanse current room decoration. I used the sprinkle as the birthday theme, so I designed all the food labels, cake toppers with colourful sprinkle confetti. Will post the DIY details soon.

I also made some simple salmon and cheese sandwiches.

This time I also added some chopped chocolates to the chocolate cupcakes (details here), frosted them with creamcheese frosting.

The overall picture of the corner for drinks and cupcakes. The background wall was hanging with Zaanse photos in different months.

This was corner setup for kid party foods, I bought some fish cookies as the snacks for kids.

Simple decorations to put at the kids corner, the dates (27th) and the small globe.

This corner also hang with Zaanse’s photos.

The party hats prepared for the kids.

The kid party food table was just setup in front of the playroom.

We filled the playroom with many colourful balloons, this was the party room for the kids. We also decorated the room with some buntings and banner.

The brunch menu was written on the kitchen chalkboard wall.
resize11 copy

Daddy Kenji also draw this chalkboard sign and hang on the entrance door.

Joey and her family was the first guest to arrive ~

To be continued in second part (link).

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