Zaanse is already 2.5 years old while baby Xavy is 9 months old now.

As baby Xavy grow older, he become stronger and behaved more like a toddler. He’s been quite posessive of his toys recently and cried when anyone took away from him, of course, this including his sister who always like to take things away from him.

Now it’s happening all the time, I meant, sibling rivalry.

Zaanse is quite protective of her toys and belongings. She reacts aggressively when baby Xavy picks up her toy or belonging. Most of the times, she repeats “No! Stay away!” to her brother.

Though it may be common for brother and sister to fight, we still tried our best to help them get along with each other.

Baby Xavy is very active nowadays and he is so curious on everything!


He likes to crawl to kitchen area to check on every appliances, including the oven. Look, he was smiling to himselve with in the oven mirror.

His everyday todo list including the washing machine and dryer (sigh).

I wonder if he will start walking before his first birthday because he is very good in moving around upright while holding on to furniture.


I noticed that baby Xavy was also learnt how to bend his knees and how to sit after standing.

By the way, his separation anxiety seems to be at its peak. He is extremely attach and cling to me.

He cries when he notices that we walk away from him.

Same to his sister, they like to go out 🙂

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