Xavy is 8 months old and Zaanse is 29 months old! Xavy already able to pull himself up before he reached 8 months old, last time Zaanse able to do this when she was going to 10 months old.

The first time Xavy pulled himself up was in the crib, which was same as Zaanse.

Now, he also started to explore other area to pull himself up.


Besides of pulling himself up, he was also able to crawl without tummy touching the floor. Probably this was the differences between boy and girl as his sister only able to crawl smoothly around 9 months old.

However, he still always asked for carry though he can move around very easy. I would just make him sit down if I have to handle two kids at the same time .. e.g. while sister want to make big business.

Although he is a boy, he is very sticky to me. He always lied his head on my leg or my shoulder … behaved like a little woman.

Nowadays I also brought him down to playground when his sister wanted to go playground. They went to playground almost everyday …

We also tried to put him sitting on the shopping cart while doing marketing and he was fine with it.

But when he feel bored, he would cry. His crying pattern is closing his mouth like the picture below though his sister would try to open her mouth as big as possible when crying.

So now let’s see Zaanse milestone for this month, she started to go to full day childcare since May (check this post and this post ).

I bought this shirt with cloud (yeah, I liked cloud for children) for her brother but she started to wear it first. Daddy also have a same pattern of tattoo .. she said they matched.

When going to shopping center, she always requested for kids ride.

A shot of watching tv with her little brother after school.

During third weekend of May, we went back Malacca together with the children. Grandmother looked happy to see the two grandchildren.

Zaanse also helped to pack the mushrooms for grandparents.


We also went to my sister in law place for Xuan Xuan’s first birthday celebration.

Baby Xavy first time (and probably the last time) on walker, we didn’t get a walker for our children as we didn’t like the idea of walker.

My mother followed us to come back to Singapore, and here are some precious moments with her grandchildren.

I started to attend Sunday church since Mother’s day and I brought each of them with me alternately. There was a room dedicated to parents with young children.

During the last weekend of May, we brought the kids to fun fair in City Square Mall and Zaanse enjoyed a lot.


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