Time flies, it’s April and Xavy also started his school. This month is a “sick” month because all of the family members fall sick. Zaanse was the first one to get flu, followed by Xavy and then myself and husband. Zaanse has sick for more than a month, and she still hasn’t recovered from cough. Almost every few days, we have to pay visit to different medical centers. We have tried GP, PD and TCM. We have visited more than 2 times for each of the places, but still haven’t recovered. We have spent more than 1k for doctor fee on this month, and all are not able to claim. Pardon me, I am really bothered by the sick gems and still sick badly while writing this post.

Okay, let’s talk something positive. Well, this is the overall look of the kids room … the bedframe need painting, the wall need wallpaper.

Zaanse stayed at home for the almost the whole month, I’d feel lucky to work from home and able to look after the kids.

Though the kids are sick, they still very active.

Forgot to mention, my sister and tenant have moved out from our place and we have some extra spaces for the kids to play. So daddy Kenji setup the teepee in the playroom for the kids.

The kids seem like to play in the teepee.

Oh ya, my mother also visited us during the 2nd week of April and she stayed with us for 2 weeks.

At this period, my helper also went back to Philippines for 3 weeks. My mother was here for the first week and she helped me on the cooking part, also spent time with kids while I am busy with my works.

She spent a lot with Zaanse …

They read the photobook together and enjoyed every photos.


My mother also liked to show them the video of my niece – Xuan Xuan.

The kids didn’t feel tired of watching the repeating videos.

Well, they also paid back to massage my mother’s back.

Sometime, my mother also read books for Zaanse.

She seem very focus while listening the story.

These are the books I bought online, and I like to buy chinese books.

Little Xavy seem boring while my mother is reading for his sister. Forgot to mention, we also bought 2 new armchairs to put in the playroom. I have been eyeing the STRANDMON Wing Chair from IKEA for quite sometime and we finally bought it. My husband also get a POANG Armchair for himself.

Sometimes, the kids just like to climb up our armchairs and play.

A happy Zaanse … she always a happy girl.


Daddy also spent time on his armchair for story telling, and I liked to play my iphone music while sitting on my wing chair. I subscribed to iTunes and found many nice songs for the kids, such as Rosie Hetherington, Susie Tallman … Highly recommended for classic type of children songs.

We still brought the kids out during the weekend, when they are not sick badly.

White Sands Library still one of our favourite place.

This is the Yu Guo Chinese Physician we have visited for more than four times in a month. It is quite effective for baby Xavy but not really effective for Zaanse.

We also visited my sister new place and her future parents in law.

I brought the kids together with my mother for her medical check up and Zaanse was quite excited.

On the same day, she had her first haircut by professional hair stylist. My mother managed to persuade her to cut her long hair.

So this is her new hairstyle!

During the weeks when helper not around, Zaanse learnt to do houseworks including vacuum the floor.

Well, she was the one vacuum the whole house with daddy’s guides.

Daddy Kenji took out the children bicycle we bought sometimes ago together with the balance bike. Now Zaanse know how to ride a children bike!

Daddy Kenji likes to bring the kids to the playground during the weekend morning and they enjoyed it!

Now we can rest at the chair while watching the kids play.

Baby Xavy started to have some terrible two behaviour though he still looked very “baby” to me.

This little monkey sometimes behaving like a boy but most of the times, he behaving like a girl – he want more cuddles.

One of the day, I had to bring him to Orchard to do declaration at ECDA for self-employed subsidy. It began with a bad day and good that it ended with a good and happy ending. This is also the day I started to fall sick.

We hope the little boy can smile more and cry less … jia you!

While for Zaanse, she sick quite badly so she has visited many doctors.

On the other hand, daddy Kenji taught her keyboard and she managed to play a complete children song.

Since I am sick and have to take care the kids during day time. After work, daddy Kenji took over the task and gave lessons to the kids so that I can have some rest time.

During end of the month, we brought the kids to the new Waterfront Mall and they were having fun running at the outdoor playground.

This is not their first visit but it’s the first time to explore the outdoor play area.

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  1. Mark

    May 16, 2016 at 6:37 pm

    Wow! They grow up so fast!

    1. wongcee@hotmail.com

      May 17, 2016 at 6:58 am

      Mark, yeah … children grow up very fast!

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