Updates of February milestone … This month, we spent our 2 weeks in Malaysia for Chinese New Year but we also have some great moments in Singapore.

The day before flying to KL, I brought Zaanse to Waterway point shopping mall for lunch and playground. This is our private outing without the boy and the man!

On that night, we had the first haircut for baby Xavy.

Yes, this is his first haircut since he born!

Daddy Kenji did a pretty good job to cut the boy’s hair.

* * *

We back to Singapore on 13 Feb, the kids missed our home.

The next day is Valentines day and daddy Kenji bought a rose for me.

It’s Monday and Zaanse has to go back to school… As expected, she cried for the first few days and finally back to normal.

One of the nights, daddy Kenji made a lot of balloon sculptures for the kids.

The kids were having fun just to play with the balloon sculptures.


We thought it is a good idea to have 2 kids so that they can play together!

So we always encouraged our friends to get at least 2 kids as some of the activities need the kids to play together … sometimes the parents are not as good as the sibling.

I love to capture all the moments into pictures though daddy Kenji thought we shall enjoy the moments rather than taking pictures.

So I have become the main photographer of the kids photos.

Daddy Kenji would also take photos … e.g. when mother shower for Zaanse.

Yeap, mother in law come to visit us during one of the weekend before she heading back to Malacca.

We did some major changes of the kids bedroom. We sold out the big wardrobe and make the bay window cabinets as kids wardrobes.

So each of them have their own wardrobe, I will take more pictures next time to show the new look.

The big wardrobe is gone and we have more spaces to put the kids bench and toys.

We always kept in touch with Zaanse’s classmate and we would message her mother whenever we went to playground so that the kids can play together!

Sometimes, we also went out for meal together.

For the days I stayed at home (as per previous post, I left my full time job on 25th January), I have to deal with this super sticky boy. Oh ya, I cut my hair after few days back to Singapore …

So now I am working from home as a full time freelance designer and part time doing online business. The boy able to play by himself when I am busy doing my design jobs.

However, most of the time he prefer to stick to me … or may be just sit in front of my laptop. He still my top lover, haha …

Another month, he will be 1.5 years old and he started to say “papa”, “mama”, “yao (want)” and some other simple words before he reached 17 months old.

And he still likes to play all the rides, it’s also our weekly routine to bring them to the mall for rides.

This is a funny shot … He was crying inside the room but nobody went to check him until daddy Kenji found that he was standing on the drawer and unable to go down. Well, we finally know what happened. He wanted to take the computer toy and climb up to the drawer but he didn’t know that the drawer opened while he moved up.

During Zhi Rou’s full month celebration, we went to Ivan’s place and Zaanse met her old buddy.

Two of them played a lot …

* * *

Back to the sibling’s progress, they are getting closer and closer.

Previously baby Xavy liked to follow his sister Zaanse but now Zaanse likes to play with him.


She even wanted to help her brother wear socks or wear shoes.

Unfortunately, she fall sick again during end of the month and we brought her too see chinese doctor. She has been sick for almost 3 weeks and at the end we have to give her anti-biotic.

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