Well, finally I managed to update the milestone for baby Xavy and Zaanse. I have been very busy since September … Life is busy, but I don’t want to stop blogging about my kids milestone. This is very important to me to keep track their monthly activities and histories.


As time passed and grown-up of baby Xavy, we have more funs with the kids.

Finally, we have about a month of break that both kids are healthy and none of them are sick.

Baby Xavy, the little adventurer has not been stopping explore every corners of the house. Count down time to see when he changes to spiderman – climbing wall and window.


He seems enjoy to hide under the chair.


Oh ya … forgot to mention that we have done Xavy’s first birthday party celebration this month, check out the post here.

It’s time to unwrap the gifts, the kids were excited.


So, now we have many walker toys in the house .. each of them have at least two!

LY also visited us to pass the present to the birthday boy, thank you my dear friend!


Guess what are the kids doing?

They were so excited with this ..

The robot dog, birthday present from my sister.

Zaanse wanted to play with the robot dog but at the same time she also fear of it. She tried to keep herself some distances with the robot dog so she either sitted on safa or bed.

While for baby Xavy, he was so excited to play with the robot dog and kept touching or carry it. He cried when we stopped him for carrying the dog.

This month, we also celebrated the moon cake festival. But due to haze issues, we decided to let the kids play the lantern inside the house. Last year we done our celebration with relatives at the playground, check the post here.

We made simple decoration with some lightings on the window.

The kids were having fun to play with the lanterns. Luckily the lanterns bought last year were still working fine, we didn’t get anything new for them.

These were the led lights we got from IKEA, they were fun to play with!

And this year I also never bought any mooncakes, we ate those ice-cream mooncakes bought by my sister.

Btw, forgot to mention that Zaanse has changed school again. Yes, this was the 4th time to change school .. and guess what, she changed back to her 1st school. Last month we finally received the call from the childcare that there was a vacancy for her. This childcare was just located downstair of our block and we have been in their waiting list for a year! This round, we decided to just dumb her in the school on first day without our supervision. She started her new school for full day childcare on the first day, I only peek on her from window. Of course, she didn’t settle herself in school without crying … Even now, she still crying everyday when reach school 🙁

We managed to know her classmate named ZQ who was also staying nearby. We invited ZQ and her mother to have dinner at our house. The two girls were having fun playing together and we enjoy chit chat with ZQ mother too!

After that, we also met up quite often for outings. Zaanse mentioned that ZQ was her best friend now …

The teachers from her previous school bought her a pretty dress as a farewell gift, she likes it very much and always wear it for dine out.


One of the night, we clearing out spaces for storage and the children were having fun to play hide and seek in the cabinet.

It’s Xavy’s turn to hide inside the cabinet.

Then, daddy’s turn.

We were looking forward to make the two kids sleep in the same room … Seems like it will need more time as baby Xavy still woke up in the middle of night for milk.

Our target to make this happen is end of the year.

This month, we have visited IKEA very often as we need to stock up some storage units. We met KC and his daughters during one of the visits, they were big sisters now!

Both baby Xavy and Zaanse like this play corner very much.

The two sisters were so nice to Zaanse, thanks to their help for taking care of her when we having dinner talk with KC and his wife.

This September, we also brought Zaanse to the Rise and Shine event.

She tried many different activities and she enjoyed all of them.

I also enrolled her to one of the trial class organized by British Council.

Same for baby Xavy, he enjoyed playing at the playground stationed inside the Rise and Shine event too!


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