Baby Xavy is 11 months old and he started to walk few steps, we are going to celebrate his first year birthday next month. We feel that he grow too fast, much faster than Zaanse.

Zaanse is also reaching her 3 years old milestone soon, she is now 2 years and 8 months old.

As mentioned in the last month post, baby Xavy always followed his sister … he is her super fan!

Baby Xavy always like to rest his head on my shoulder, daddy Kenji commented that baby Xavy is a mother boy.

Since last month, I started to work on baby Xavy first year montage for his upcoming first birthday party. I compiled all the videos and photos, including those precious moments with sister Zaanse.


We enjoyed watching the two kids playing inside the crib, how wonderful to see them playing inside the crib while we are resting on the bed?

As expected, baby Xavy was much active than his sister.


This little boy, never ablet o sit still …

My little prince, don’t grow too fast!

As for Zaanse, she is influenced by the cartoon character Dr Mc Stuffins and she began to imitate Dr Mc Stuffins and check on her patients. We are so lucky to be her patients too!

We managed to catch the National Day Parade from the TV after back from Batam getaway, Zaanse was so excited to watch the show.

She even danced with the national flag!

During the days when she coughed and vomited, we shifted her to sleep in our master bedroom and she didn’t want to go back to her own bedroom even after she recovered. We have to put more efforts to explain to her, good that she understood.

During the weekend, daddy Kenji likes to spend his morning for outdoor activities with Zaanse and now she getting better and better on her new balance bike.

I bought some 3D model puzzles online and she loves it! We assembled the house and garden together, it was fun to do this together with her.

Let’s check some other activities for this month :

This one was taken while packing the luggage to Batam trip, both of them were excited.

While baby Xavy was having his nap, we have some spare time to read books for Zaanse.

While I was away in Bangkok, I tried to catch every chances to skype with the kids.

Same as sister Zaanse, baby Xavy also enjoyed the rides.

The prince and the princess, hehe …

You are always our sunshine ~

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