Just to share our experiences about this “Intussusception” … It is a very new term to us, and we learnt it from Zaanse’s story.

On 12th June Sunday morning, Zaanse started to cry due to abdominal pain. We thought it could be due to constipation as she didn’t pass motion on this day. We tried some self-rescue method to assist her but she just have very little stools. After that, she still cried that her tummy hurts. The pain seems comes and goes like this. We just tried to apply some “lu yi you” and she still cried on and off while sleeping. So we thought to bring her to see doctor the next day which is Monday.

On 13th June Monday morning, her stomach pain seems become more serious. She always wrap her hands around the waist and cried. We brought her to GP and doctor subscribed her some colic medicines as doctor was quite sure that it is not internal organs issues. Her stomach cramps become more frequent and getting stronger, sound like our pregnancy contractions. I noticed that she started to develop high fever up to 40 deg Celcius and we brought her to PD. PD asked us to shower her with cold water in the clinic to make sure her fever come down. PD diagnosed her as colic and gave us the similar medicines.

At the same time, I started to google about her symptoms and I found this blog … The symptoms were quite similar to Zaanse’s case. I tried to persuade Kenji to bring her to hospital and we have some arguments as it wasn’t easy to get emergency doctors to put her in priority and we know the queue is always long. I was having flu and fever for the same time … Finally Kenji brought her to KK. She looked very weak and the pain is so strong, Kenji managed to ask the doctors to put her in priority. After ultrasound examination, it is confirmed that Zaanse is having intussusception.

She is sent to operating room right away to correct the bowel obstruction. Doctor used air enema to treat her intussusception. A small soft tube is placed in her rectum and air is passed through the tube. (Source : http://kidshealth.org/) The air travels into the intestines and outlines the bowels on the X-rays. The pressure of the air unfolds the bowel that has been turned inside out and cures the blockage. After the operation, she feel much better and no more stomach cramp for her. She was hospitalised for 3 nights.

So, what is Intussusception? (Source : http://kidshealth.org/) It is the most common abdominal emergency affecting children under 2 years old. It happens when one portion of the bowel slides into the next, much like the pieces of a telescope. Zaanse was already 3.5 years old, doctor said it was still common as she is still under age of 5 years old.

So what’s the cause? Most of the time, doctors don’t know what causes intussusception. Same for Zaanse, we also can’t explain why. On the previous night before she started her abdominal pain nightmare, we went to Hi-5 Show at One KM and she was so happy to see her favourite characters. She even went up to the stage and took photos with the hi-5 team.

We feel happier to see she released from her nightmare … though she looked weak after operation. As she is still under age of 4, they arranged a “crib” type of bed for her.

During her stays, Kenji took leaves and stayed overnight with her as I was sick badly. I visited her in the day time and brought toys and puzzles to entertain her.

As she just had her operation on intestines, she only allowed to drink water or eat porridge.

Finally, it comes to the last day and doctor wanted her to stay till evening to monitor before heading home. Kenji met her teacher in the morning while sending Xavy to school and her teacher passed him this card, which is made by the whole class classmates to wish her recover soon. She was so happy to see this meaningful card. We were happy too, finally she can go home!

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