This is our 11th year of celebrating valentines ♥ day. He bought me a pair of special edition ezlink card with our pictures. I treat him for a kbox valentine special.
We went Bedok Point for lunch at Eatzi restaurant, we ordered excutive set lunch with steak and lamb chop. The set lunch comes with dessert, soup and drinks. Hubby said the steak not bad, better than Jack’s Place.
After lunch we went for Kbox Jetaime Package Lovingly, the package comes with two love potions, two dessert and four hours of singing session.
The Kbox located at fourth floor of Bedok Point and the facilities are quite new, comes with a LCD touch screen, very easy to use. We sing a lot of songs, I feel that the 4 hours are not enough …

当唱到刘若英的歌: 继续给15岁的自己,不禁落泪,觉得很对不起十五岁的自己。这十几年来,读的不是自己喜欢的,做的工也非所爱,一切只为了生活糊口。一边抽泣,一边继续唱。梦想跑到哪里了,为何当初没有去想?遗憾吗? 这么老了才缅怀五月天的歌曲,那些讲梦想的歌,每唱一句都觉得激动和难过.
Stop thinking, let’s enjoy today.
After the singing session, we went to the game center. There is a promotion : if you buy $20 card and will get extra $20 value. We bought one and play the basketball game …

Well, that’s all for 2011 valentines day ♥

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  1. lao fungying

    February 17, 2011 at 12:55 pm

    Bedok point is the new shopping mall ah?

    U have started your interest now mah..which is not too late..
    I still looking for mine…..

    1. ee

      February 18, 2011 at 6:50 pm

      Yes, is e new shopping mall @ bedok … arrange next sing k …

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