Time passed so fast, now already 38 weeks. Kenji helped me to take some third trimester maternity photography during last Sunday, my belly was so big and I didn’t want to move … so we just have some simple posts. Today lunch time went for gynae visit, he told us that he can touch the baby head already and baby shall come out anytime from now … We both were quite upset to heat this as we really wished for 2013 dragon baby ~ little Zaanse, please wait for another 9 more days …

I love this pair of pink color booties, hope our little Zaanse will like it too.

Some other pairs of booties we have bought, they are still few more inside the drawers.



Kenji + ee = Zaanse !

Kenji insisted want to take some of the belly photos, please don’t laugh at my belly …



:: Updated on 15 Oct : 28 weeks pregnancy ~ Third trimester ! ::

Come to third trimester now, another three more months to go … Already went to Baby Fair and bought many baby items, spent few hundred dollars. Also started to attend pre-natal course .. many things on-going.

:: Updated on 29 Oct : 30 weeks pregnancy ::

Today we just attended our second appointment which was to collect our new home key … baby already weighted 1.5kg, another ten weeks to go …

:: Updated on 12 Nov : 32 weeks pregnancy ::

This morning, we rent car to JB to buy all the lighting and ceiling fans for new home. Luckily we still managed to attend my gyne appointment, baby weight 1.88kg now – already 8 months of pregnancy.

:: Updated on 17 Dec : 37 weeks pregnancy ::

Baby Zaanse was really active in these few weeks, please stay for another 2 more weeks .. my dear. Today gyne check-up, baby weighted 2.8kg already .. so fast!

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