Our house started to occupy with baby stuffs after baby Zaanse born … no more the original condition :p Now everywhere can see her stuffs in the house now, getting more and more.
Now our living hall has a colourful pink tent, I bought for her from Cotton On Kids and also a place to put her toys and I hope she will appreciate more when she grow older.

We also bought the storage baskets from Ikea to put all the baby toys. Daddy hang them on baby crib and very convenience to pass the toys or the whole baskets to baby. We always brought the whole baskets of toys to baby Zaanse and put her inside her crib when we were busy in the morning preparing ourselves to work. Sometimes she also trying to pull them to her crib.

This was the first tent for baby Zaanse, got it from my dear friend Sanda. It was quite big and adequate to occupy both of us plus baby Zaanse. Currently we put it inside the playroom, and another side we put the chair for us to read books while watching baby Zaanse playing inside her tent.


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