It still raining in the early morning … We woke up around 9am ~

The sky didn’t look nice outside, I believed the view here will be very nice if we come here during spring time.



See : so many dishes for breakfast ! We enjoy the breakfast very much ~~ They also prepared many magazines for reading, I selected those related to diy topics.








This was one of the famous local dishes in yilan ~ 正常鮮肉小籠包. It located near to yilan train station, this was the address : 宜蘭市泰山路25號之1(光復國小斜對面).

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  1. Low

    January 20, 2012 at 9:56 pm


    I also stayed at Sunday home minsu. Recently went to yilan again.
    Beautiful place with its own local taste. Nice place for relax and boss very friendly and warm.  Minsu just started abt 1 Yr ago. You can consider nx time.

  2. Low

    January 20, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    Also to Share my Jan trip hualien miNsu:

    看見鐵道民宿 – this minsu in the heart of city. Very convenient for me to look for local gd food.

    隱山靓海 -
    Further out of hualien city. I booked the villa room. It has a big bathtub for 2 pax and a spacious living room in ground floor. The upper level is the bedroom. You can see the pacific ocean from your room. The boss also provides cooked dinner at 500twn per pax. I think there is 6-7 dishes. Prepared based on daily ready ingredients like fish and etc. Nice place for relax after a long day sightseeing. There is a secret place near the minsu. Wait till I put up in my blog. I booked this minsu through my driver/guide, also got 10% discount.

    迴音谷 this minsu is near the city area but still take a cab. What I like abt this place is it is a full glass window room. The boss really did a detailed job in the room decor. Also got a big bathtub. The boss is a young chap, very approachable.

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