After ate the steam cream cheese cupcakes at SL’s place, I really wanted to try the recipe. Finally, I had the chances to make it for SL and PL’s visit. The ingredient was quite simple, included cream cheese (I used the philadelphia brand), sugar, egg, milk (I used HL milk), vegetable oil (I used olive oil), cake flour, baking powder. I used the recipe from this website (link) which actually similar to what SL gave me. I doubled the recipes and made into many cupcakes.

I liked it because it tasted good and healthy for the kids, not as oily as normal baked cupcakes. Baby Zaanse liked it and ate few pieces! I also tried to add some chocolate fillings for some of the cupcakes and I liked these version with chocolate filling ~



After tried the steam cream cheese cupcakes, I tried another recipe of steam butter cupcakes with chocolate chips. I still prefer the steam cream cheese cupcakes.

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