This was the first Christmas Decor I done for our home, previously I never do any decors for our first home in Bedok even though we have been stayed there for 5 years. Last year Christmas although we already moved into this new place, I also had no chances to do any decor because my tummy was so big during that time (baby Zaanse born just 2 days after the Christmas). This year I just did a simple decor as we are not going to celebrate our Christmas in Singapore. I bought all the christmas decors from Daiso and total costed me for 10 bucks.

For the entrance, I hang a simple artificial wreath on the door – 2 bucks.

Put some hanging decors on the key shelf, the hanging decors come in a set and cost total 2 bucks.

Also put one on the pot where we put our tv remote controller – previously the tv remote controllers were just put inside Ikea remote control pocket beside the sofa and baby Zaanse like to take them out and play.

I also bought a big christmas sock and put baby Zaanse photo on the front pocket, it also costed 2 bucks.

The last Christmas decor I bought from Daiso was the small Christmas tree which costed me for 4 bucks and I placed it on the sound system.

Next year, I wanted to buy a big christmas tree and I believed baby Zaanse already able to help me decor the tree that time … Looking forwards ~

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