Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by IKEA but all opinions are my own.

Ever since Zaanse reached 2 years old, we have tried to keep her toileting routines (passing motion, tooth-brushing and washing up) as consistent as possible. She was doing well on this important developmental milestone ~

After first bottle of milk in the morning, she will “do her business” on the toilet seat. I quite like the design of IKEA TOSSIG toilet seat, the green and white colour looked modern.


After passing motion, she will take the step stool to the basin by herself.

As I mentioned before, she loves to do things on her own. The BOLMEN step stool is a must-have for her to access the basin. It helps her to reach the basin and brush her teeth without our supervision.

She definitely not able to clean her tooth in a proper way but we just want to instill the habit to her. She enjoys more when we brush along with her …

Now she managed to open the tap water by her own, she loves to wash hands by her own too!

She will bring back the step stool to the original place after she finishes her morning routine.

The key is to keep stuff in a handy and easily accessible place so that she can do everything on her own without a need of our assistance. This improves safety yet help children become more self-sufficient and their morning routines also go smoother.


You might be wondering how is the LOOK of our bathroom after two years of staying with children … Well, it still managed to keep the original condition.

We put together a ‘get the look’ board :

Btw, IKEA just launched its Bed & Bath campaign and they has introduced Fille Güte, a Shelf Help Guru who provides solutions to improve our bedroom and bathroom, which are the most private areas of the home. Don’t forget to check out the video here.

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