We have done some diy works on the playroom during September timeframe and have been busy with baby and now only have time to post the outcomes. The diy works including self paste the wallpaper to one of the wall, install the cafe curtains for all the windows, and setup some lightings for studio photography purpose.

The exterior view of playroom from living room, I really loved the cafe curtains I bought online.

The overall look of the exterior of playroom. The words on the top supposed to be “ZAKKA” but there is no space to put another “K” .. so it become “ZAKA” 🙁 I also decor the top with some of the zakka stuffs I bought online, it hasn’t achieved the zakka looks that I wished but almost there already … :p

Got these “1, 2, 3” wooden numbers from Tokyo, I just put them beside the window.

While the antique clock was bought from Typo store, quite like the antique color.

Currently both the window corners are occupied with all my favourite decor stuffs.

And this is the wall that we have pasted the wallpaper. I bought the wallpaper online and luckily it fit the theme I wanted.

Some of the tools we were using for the portrait photo-shooting.

Just very simple setup, might need to get more settings in future.

Ordered the lightings from taobao and they have met our expectation.

The corner to put some of my favourite books …



Some of the antique cameras I bought from Seoul, one of it still in working condition.

This was one of the simple setup for portrait photography background decor.

Sometimes we also used the window corner for portrait photo-shooting.

And also another example for landscape photo-shooting.

Some of the portrait photo-shooting that we have done.

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