This month we celebrated 3 times of Christmas with our family, relatives and friends.

We baked the chicken legs with assorted vegetables in oven. We also cooked the Aglio Olio Spaghetti to make it as a set with the roasted chicken legs.

Daddy Kenji bought some red wine for the celebration.

We invited my sister and my brother in law for pre-Christmas and her birthday celebration.

The kids missed them so much after last meet-up during her solemnisation.

The presents are ready, my sister printed our faces on every presents she brought.

Time to distribute the presents and we also have prepared some gifts for my sister and our two kids.

A sweet photo of my sister and her honey.

We also prepared presents for ourselves :p

The kids can’t wait to unwrap the gifts.

Zaanse got a pair of sport shoes from my sister.

Xavy has the same pair of shoes but in different colours.

They also got some toys from my sister and us.

Daddy Kenji got a shirt from my sister.

Time to celebrate birthday for my sister and we bought a Christmas cake for her.

The kids were just waiting my sister to finished her wish and to cut the cake.

And they have their cakes!

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