Received a facebook message from Hawshy, he was referred from Kenji’s friend. He was looking someone to help him to design the album of pre-wedding photos they took in Taiwan, they didn’t like how the bridal shop designed their album. It was a short notice and they need the album design to be done less than a month. We met up at our place and I showed them those albums I have done in the past, they gave me the copies of their pre-wedding photos on the same day. I immediately started to design album for them after I back from Malacca. I managed to rush out the designs and overall they liked what I have done for them. Their wedding was held on 25th May 2013 ~

12″ x 17.2″ Bridal Shop Album (32 pages)

  • Design for : Hawshy & SKee (pre-wedding)
  • Date of submitting for printing : 25th April 2013
  • Printing by : Taiwan Bridal Shop







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