Finally want to start to design my own wedding actual day album, our AD finished almost 8 months ago. Steve Long is our AD photographer, really impressed with his photoshooting skill. Thanks to all our jiemei and xiongdi, and also all of our guests.

17.5″ x 12″ Professional Series XL Landscape (80 pages)

  • Design for : ourselves (personal use)
  • Date of submitting for printing : 17th July 2011
  • Printing by : Photobook Singapore

Wedding photobook design_3445


Wedding photobook design_1476

Wedding photobook design_1482

Wedding photobook design_3450

Wedding photobook design_3455

Wedding photobook design_3456

Wedding photobook design_3460

Wedding photobook design_3461

Wedding photobook design_3464

Wedding photobook design_3466

Wedding photobook design_3471

Wedding photobook design_3475

Wedding photobook design_3479

Wedding photobook design_3480

Wedding photobook design_3481

Wedding photobook design_3482

Wedding photobook design_3483

Wedding photobook design_3484

Wedding photobook design_3485

Wedding photobook design_3486

Wedding photobook design_3488

Wedding photobook design_3489

Wedding photobook design_3490

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  1. Jess

    September 4, 2011 at 2:03 am

    I absolutely adore your photo album design! Thank you so much for sharing! They are very inspiring!

    We had our wedding photoshoot done in Taiwan, but their design is not really that appealing. ūüôĀ

    May I ask what program/software you use for designing?
    Thanks in advance!


    1. ee

      September 4, 2011 at 6:57 am

      Hi Jess, thanks !
      I am using photoshop to do the album design and cards design ~
      Btw, I also had our wedding ps done in TW ~ such a beautiful place ….

  2. Mayra

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