Kids . Baking by little Mandy

A baking session with Mandy ~ Mandy Baking Photography Who : Mandy Where : eekenji studio

Maternity . baby Xavy

Finally, we managed to take the maternity photography for ee second pregnancy with baby Xavy. Ee Second Maternity Photography Client : Ee and Xavy Date : 20th September 2014 Venue : eekenji studio

JL | Love Nest (part II)

Continued from the previous post ~ more on the couple lifestyle. Both of them love cooking and reading, they have a very nice book shelf. JL and her husband . Home Client : JL and her husband Date : 31st August 2013 Venue : JL’s home

JL | Love Nest (part I)

This set of photos were taken quite sometime ago, but did not publish till client’s wedding is over. After that, I also busy with baby and pregnancy … Now finally have time to share. Great to know that JL like the final outcome of the photos, it was totally different feelings compared to those photos taken by bridal shop ~ I hope the photos’d tell the love stories of the sweet couple. JL and her husband . Home Client : JL and her husband Date : 31st August 2013 Venue : JL’s home

Dec/Jan dragon baby first birthday party

It was a fun birthday party for all the Dec/Jan dragon baby, we were happy to be the event photographer and also helped on designs on all the posters and birthday cards. Dec/Jan dragon baby first birthday party Client : Dec/Jan dragon babies Date : 15th February 2014 Venue : Petite Papillon

Family . Michelle and her boy

Michelle and her boy Client : Michelle Date : 22nd March 2014 Venue : Michelle’s home and Punggol Park

Maternity . Racher [ II ]

Continued from the previous post ~ the remaining of the photography session was taken in our studio. P/S : She gave birth on 19 February with her beautiful baby boy. Rachel Maternity Photography Client : Rachel Date : 19th January 2014 Venue : Bishan Park & eekenji studio

Maternity . Rachel [ I ]

Was so happy to know Rachel pregnancy news, we met each other in one of the baby expo event. I was even more excited when she approached us for her maternity photo-shooting in January. She showed us some of the maternity shooting style she liked before the photography event, I hope this casual style met her expectations ~ Rachel Maternity Photography Client : Rachel Date : 19th January 2014 Venue : Bishan Park & eekenji studio

Wei Rou birthday party

We are invited to be photographer of Wei Rou’s birthday party at Ang Mo Kio Hub Explore Kid, we also brought our baby Zaanse along to the birthday event. It was a fun party for the kids! Wei Rou Birthday Client : Wei Rou Date : 15th December 2013 Venue : Ang Mo Kio Hub Explore Kid

Family . Cannizzaro + Chloe = Vera

Received a facebook message from Chloe and Cannizzaro, they wanted to have some casual shooting for their baby girl Vera. Glad to know that they like our photo-shooting style for baby Zaanse and baby Ivan. Chloe + Cannizzaro = Vera Client : baby Vera Date : 23rd November 2013 Venue : eekenji studio

Family . Lucas

Thanks to Jasmine recommendation, we were lucky to have another family photography for Chu Ting and her two years old son Lucas. Kiara family photography Client : Chu Ting family photography Date : 22nd December 2013 Venue : eekenji studio

Family . Jason + Jasmine = Kiara

I get to know Jasmine from the motherhood Singapore forum, we joined the Dec/Jan mother facebook group. I first met her during one of the mother baby gathering event and I really liked to see her baby ~ especially her hair (envy) ! Kiara family photography Client : Jason + Jasmine = Kiara Date : 2nd November 2013 Venue : eekenji studio Though the photo-shooting session was rather short, we enjoyed the progress very much … Kiara was a very pretty girl, it was really a great experience to shoot her photo. Her hair was natural curl ~ so cute! These are some of the photos we’d like ~

Portrait . Music

We wanted to create some travel feeling of shooting theme, so we brought in a backpack and a big pink ear headset. And of course, we also needed a antique camera to create some vintage looks. We also asked the model to wear a winter hat, yeap ~ it is for travel theme. Model : WX Venue : eekenji home studio Date : 2 NOV 2013

Portrait . Short Hair

Today shooting theme was about the reading, writing with some student look. We added-in a set of fake hairs for the model to create different look. Iím kind of in love with this session … The color and natural lights matched the effect I wanted. Model : WX Venue : eekenji home studio Date : 2 NOV 2013

Portrait . First trial with home studio

This was the first trial of our home studio with personal portrait … we have tried different outfits and looks for the model ~ jumper look, guitar girl, sporty look … Model : WX Venue : eekenji home studio Date : 15 SEP 2013

Baby . Bunny baby Zaanse

Finally, we managed to complete DIY wallpaper for the playroom and we thought to make it into a home studio. I just remembered that I bought this bunny suit before I gave birth, luckily baby Zaanse still can fit it. Baby Zaanse started to master how to sit by herself after she reached her 8 month old. Besides learning to sit by her own, baby Zaanse also started to crawl fast 3 weeks before she reached her 9 month old .. And she enjoyed to crawl. Daddy Kenji put baby Zaanse sitting on the stool but I was so scared that she will fall down from the stool. The pictures were a bit blur when I snap with my shaky hands. She didn’t want to sit inside the bin bag, I shall take this picture earlier, at least before she know how to crawl out. Is she photogenic?

Family . James + Min = Ivan

Yep, James + Min = Ivan ! The pictures were taken on 6-July at our place. Baby Ivan was just 1 day younger than our baby Zaanse, he was a handsome baby boy ~ It was a pleasant and casual photo-shooting for the family. I have also used these pictures to make a 2014 desktop calendars for them ~ All of them are wearing red and pink ~ Another similar shot ~ hehe … Ivan was so happy when he saw daddy James ~ Happily playing with mother ~ After taking photos, baby Ivan was tired already .. it is time to drink mummy milk ~

Baby . Fluffy tutu skirt

Bought this fluffy tutu skirt at fifty percent discount and next day let baby Zaanse wear to take photograph. She looked adorable with the fluffy skirt ~

Baby . Flying blanket

We liked to play this “flying blanket” game with baby Zaanse and she liked it very much, always laugh when we “fly” her blanket sheet. Papa Kenji managed to capture some of the precious moments with her using his Canon 7D~

Baby . Zaanse with musics

Daddy Kenji always wanted to train his kids to be talented in musics, baby Zaanse already started to listen to musics when she just 3 months old 🙂

Baby . Canvas print for eekenji family

Some of the shots taken when baby Zaanse turned 3 months old. We made the picture below into a canvas and it is hanging at our living room wall now.

Newborn . Baby Zaanse II

Took some newborn photos for baby Zaanse during her week 3, this was our first time to take photos for newborn baby. Baby Zaanse managed to fit inside the little bed ~ Little toes of baby Zaanse looked so cute … I like to watch and touch her little toes, so tiny.

Newborn . Baby Zaanse I

Photos were taken when baby Zaanse in two weeks old. She born in 27 December 2013 ~ same birthday with my best friend.

Wedding . Carol

Received an email from Carol in August, she was looking for a photographer for her wedding event on 9 December. After few email conversations, the assignment was confirmed. Wedding event was hold at Changi Beach Club.


Some of the pregnancy maternity photograph took during ee pregnancy. Baby Zaanse was born earlier on 27th December 2012, before EDD. :: Third trimester | 15 Oct – 7 Jan :: I love this pair of pink color booties, hope our little Zaanse will like it too. Some other pairs of booties we have bought, they are still few more inside the drawers. Kenji + ee = Zaanse ! :: Second trimester | 2 Jul – 14 Oct :: :: First trimester | 16 Apr – 1 Jul ::

Photo Frame for Roger

Designed a simple photo frame for Roger and Zariah ~ to congratulate the couple for their new house. They can put some stuffs inside the photo frame, example, couple bears .. something memorable for them.

Tokyo | March twenty twelve

Went to Tokyo during March, we took SQ flight from Sg to Tokyo Narita → Tsukiji Market → Ginza → Mid Town Tokyo City View at Roppongi → Sushi buffet for SGD15 per pax and beauty products shopping at Ameyoko → Visit to ASAKUSA Sensoji Temple . Kaminarimon → Nakamise Shopping Street → Ueno → Brunch at Kichijoji Satou steakhouse → Shopping for Zakka stuffs in Shimokitazawa → Shibuya → Dessert time at JIYUGAOKA Sweets Forest → Tokyo Shinjuku . BREIZH Cafe → Tsukiji Tama sushi buffet → Harajyuku . Sakura Tei → Shibuya → Flying back from Tokyo to Singapore. For more photos and itinerary details, please visit to my personal blog.

Montage . baby Joel

Baby montage made for baby Joel using iphoto, imovie and after effect.

Reiner birthday party . Mickey Mouse theme

Was invited to take the photography for Reiner mickey mouse theme birthday party on 27 November.

Montage for Reiner mickey mouse theme baby birthday party

A simple video created for Reiner baby mickey mouse theme birthday party ~

Sebastian + Violet | Sentosa . II

Second part of engagement shooting at Sentosa ~

Sebastian + Violet | Sentosa . I

Engagement shoots was done at Sentosa.

Sebastian + Violet | Dragon playground

This dragon playground was located at Toa Payoh, the couple managed to find a old playground for photo-shooting ~~

Sebastian + Violet | Botanic Garden . IV

The lovely couple really brought a lot of vintage props ~ Violet made these pairs of signboards by herself.

Sebastian + Violet | Botanic Garden . III

Proposal time : Let’s see how Sebastian proposed to Violet ~

Sebastian + Violet | Botanic Garden . II

Second part of engagement shoots at Botanic Garden.

Sebastian + Violet | Botanic Garden . I

Same as most of the couple, Violet got to know about my blog through sgbride forum. She like the vintage feeling of photo-shooting and we suggested some of the places .. finally we picked Botanic Garden as one of the shooting spots.

Montage . Sebastian and Violet

A customized montage for Sebastian and Violet ~ done by Kenji using after effect software. Enjoy ~

Little Mandy

Little Mandy ~ daughter of Sanda, also my best buddy in IBM. Today was the shooting day for little Mandy …

Rome | September twenty eleven

Rome itinerary : Enjoy Bed And Breakfast – Colosseum – Arch of Constantine – Palatine Hill – Santa Maria in Cosmedin – Theatre of Marcellus – Sora Margherita (Lunch-tagliatelle with ricotta,) – Area Sacra Argentina – Piazza Navona – Pantheon – Tazza D’Oro (Coffee) – Giolitti (Ice-cream) – Fontana di Trevi – Piazza di Spagna.

Montepulciano . Siena | September twenty eleven

Agricola Poderuccio→ Montepulciano → Siena. Montepulciano was the place where the movie Twilight Saga New Moon movie was filmed.

Chianti | September twenty eleven

10:00am Pick car at Maggiore Rent, Viale Giovanni Amendola 托斯卡尼 → 12pm 中世纪酒庄 Volpaia → 天空之城 Vertine → 千年酒庄 Badia a Coltibuono → Agriturismo Poderuccio.

Florence | September twenty eleven

We only spend one day and one night in Florence … I don’t really have many places want to go in Florence, but we were lucky to meet him ~ professor Versari.

Venice | September twenty eleven

Finally finished the two album designs … and now is pending for clients’ review … Let’s grab some time to share some of our pics taken in Venice … I read from somewhere : The people in the world would want to go to Paris at least once in his life, but how about the people stay in Paris? The answer is : Venice ~

Prewedding in London Paris . tripod

All the pictures are taken in Paris and London, just between two of us and tripod … Something made me feel really regret was that, I didn’t do makeup at that time. These pictures were actually used for our diy Europe prewedding photos. The places we took the engagement photos included Tour Eiffel, Pont Alexandre III, Musee du Louvre, Basilique du Sacre-Coeur and Stonehenge.

Wedding . James and Min

Photography by eekenji | makeup by Honey Style

James and Siew Min | Botanic Garden

The photos are taken at Botanic Garden | Makeup by Honey Style

James . Min | evening beach

The photos are taken at the East Coast beach and Tanjung beach | Makeup by Honey Style

James . Min | city night shots

The photos are taken at the city area for night shots | Makeup by Honey Style

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