One more month and Zaanse will turn 4 years old, time flies!

Probably smartphones and tablets are very common nowadays but we didn’t like the ideas of occupying our kids with these gadgets. I also don’t play youtube for my kids though my ex-colleagues recommended some kids education videos.

Good thing is, they never asked us for these stuff as we also don’t play with these gadgets. I use my iPhone for working purpose only, I have no games in my iPhone and I seldom surf Facebook too.

We definitely have to spend more time to train them to play by themselves with all the toys they have … as they have no entertainment such as tablets or TV. Unfortunately, I also limited their cartoon time to maximum 30 mins per day and most of the days are no cartoon time. Am I too strict? I not sure … but I just don’t feel it is a good practice for the kids.

Previously when we travelled to Australia with Zaanse while she was just 1.3 years old, we always use our smartphones to entertain her inside the car ride or while she is bored. We realised that we have over-done with the gadgets and now we tried to avoid after that incident.

Now both have grown up and Zaanse already have a accompany – her 2Y brother, they are able to play together without required our attentions.

The first few years were really tough when they needed a lot of our attentions, especially we have no parents stay in Singapore to help out. We insist to take care our kids by ourselves including shower and everything though we have maid and she is purely doing houseworks and cook.

The boy likes to play with aeroplane and trains while the girl always like to play with something with music.

His favourite still the IKEA trains and I have ordered Thomas Train Set from Taobao as his post-birthday presents.

I always being asked by others if Xavy and Zaanse are twin when they saw the 2 kids walking together. They are almost the same height.

Daddy Kenji helped me to fix my bicycle with the child seat so that I can send Zaanse to her Speech and Drama class in British Council.

The kids still have afternoon nap, and daddy Kenji has made a lot of efforts to train them to sleep by themselves.

Two of them share the same bedroom and same bunk bed.

Some other photos we took in the month of November :

The kids are happy when they received goodies from my best friend LY.

We have the practice to dine together, whether it is breakfast ..

Or lunch or dinner … Though most of the times, we have to deal with the 2Y boy who still doesn’t like to eat vegetables. It’s definitely a battle and we have to continue to encourage him or may be force him.

There are days that we ordered deliver and my favourite is Subway.

The girl grows up a lot and she is so talkative till I always have to ask her to take some rests and stop asking.

I always like to dress up the kids with the same style :p

Zaanse helped me to prepare the Christmas decoration and she has done a great job.

We also decorated their bedroom with some of our Christmas garlands.

She loved to decorate the Christmas Tree too.

We have done the Christmas Decoration in the beginning of the month.

I changed to white theme during the middle of the month as I found it too much gold colours.

One of the weekend, we brought the kids to Orchard to see the Christmas lights and they were so excited.

We saw Bridal Show in the Orchard runway and the kids were so happy to play at the runway.

It was their first time to see the model fashion show.

Each of them brought their own wooden camera :p

Zaanse was wearing the pink AOSTA dress from Korea and I really like it.

We have our dinner at Mache, one of my favourite children friendly dining place.

Almost every weekend, we bring the kids to playground for some outdoor activities such as basketball, cycling or play the scooters.

We also have our teacher-parents meeting on one of the weekend and I always looking forward to hear the teachers comment about our kids behaviours in school. I was so curious about their sleeping pattern etc in school.

I also brought the kids to my friend’s girl birthday party in the west. I always like to meet her as we have a lot of common topics though she is much younger than me. However we lived so far to each other … I am staying in the east and she is staying in the west.


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