I always wanted to design some crafts for outdoor picnic, finally I had the chance to do it for my birthday celebration. Unfortunately, baby Zaanse fall sick for more than 3 weeks and have seen 2 GPs but still hasn’t recovered. On my birthday (18-Jan) Saturday morning, we had to bring her to see PD so I had to postpone the picnic party to the following Saturday (25-Jan). i.e. the photos of the picnic below were taken on 25-Jan morning.

Made a simple picture and framed it for the picnic party.

Have pinned some of my favourite ideas from pinterest about the simple picnic and started to make some circle tags for the sandwiches. Husband helped to cook and prepare the sandwiches while I helped to wrap them and put the tags on them.

I also helped to prepare the drinks – chocolate milk and orange juice. Also prepared the fruit bags for snacks.

It is a small picnic gathering with family members including my sister.

We also brought some books for baby Zaanse, she need some entertainments.

We choose the usual place, Bishan Park for picnic.


The fillings of sandwiches made by Kenji included lettuce, eggs, cheese and hams.

It was quite windy in the morning, I think the weather just nice for outdoor picnic.

It’s time to go back …

* * *

I was lucky to have the good dinner and nice birthday cake on my actual birthday though picnic was done a week later. For the dinner, Kenji helped to prepare the home-cook steak. We had a long time didn’t have steak at home.

The gravy sauce he made was delicious, cooked with many vegetables.

However, the steak was not cooked at medium rare — a bit overcooked for us.

Luckily, the food still tasted good with the nice gravy sauce. Kenji also cooked a bowl of pumpkin soup, the soup was really thick with pumpkin taste.

Baby Zaanse also joined us for the dinner.

She looked so happy to see so many foods on the table, probably she thought all for her ~

Besides of the steak and soup, we also opened the white wine we bought back from Italy – is my favourite moscato. And the birthday cake was bought from the popular Korean cafe “Paris Baguette”.

It name is called “Oh ~ my crepe”, I tried the baby crepe before and I love it.

Baby Zaanse was so excited to see the lights on candle.

After the birthday song, it’s time to make a wish and blow the candle !

Time to cut the cake ~

Baby Zaanse was waiting to try the first bite of this beautiful cake.

Yummy !

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