This year will be my third time to celebrate mother’s day and I choose to picnic at the East Coast Park. Daddy Kenji asked me if it is important to celebrate this day as it is just a name of the day … I told him I want to remember all these special days, probably people will think that I am naive.

The weather was nice and Zaanse was so excited to see the beach and sea, same to me. This was the place we used to come very often for roller-blading before having the children.

Daddy Kenji helped Zaanse to plug some flowers and she gave one to me, so sweet ~

Other children saw this and they also asked for it, Zaanse gave the rest to them … They also wanted to give to their mother.

Baby Xavy also joined the picnic outing.

I gave him my flower, he looked so adorable.


I still in love with kissing his cheek.

We also rent the bicycle with child seat and this was the first time for Zaanse to ride on adult bicycle.

Can you see the little baby Xavy sitting on the picnic mat?

After few rounds of cycling with Zaanse, it was turn for baby Xavy to try out.

Zaanse was drinking her milk and waiting for her turn to ride the bicycle.

Daddy and baby Xavy finally come back and Zaanse got back her turn to ride the bicycle.

* * *

Btw, we enrolled Zaanse to full day childcare since May and this was the flower made by her teacher cut out with Zaanse hand’s shape.

During the Mother’s day celebration in childcare, all the children are sitting together and they were going to give some performance to the parents.

Lastly, a selfie with my girl, I love her so much ..

At night, we also went out for dinner with the children … This was how I spent my Mother’s Day with my kids.

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