李晨希 Zaanse Lee Chenxi

晨: 日上辰下。辰為地支的第五位,與十二生肖的龍搭配。象征着随着旭日徐徐上升的龍。
希: 希望; 稀少; 獨特。
晨希: 如同旭日一般徐徐上升,獨特而充满希望的龍。
Zaanse: (vocally similar to 晨希) Zaanse Schans is a Holland city, the first industrial park in the world some 250 years ago, powered by windmills, clean energy. I wish my little girl clever and smart yet Eco-friendly.


李晨翌 Xavy Lee Chenyi

晨: 繼承于姐姐, 同上。
翌: 明天。羽: 给生肖屬馬的弟弟添上羽毛, 与屬龍的姐姐一同自由地翱翔天空。立: 頂天立地。
晨翌: 頂著天, 立著地, 帶著希望过着每一天。準備好後一飛沖天。
Xavier: Birth place of truth (真理), other says Saints.
Chevy: (Vocally similar to 晨翌) represent knight. But mummy feels the name is too feminine for a boy, hence replaced “Che” with a more masculine “Xa”.
Xavy: Xa(vier) + (Che)vy, I wish my little boy protect his families like a knight and always seek for truth.

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