We have a friend wedding in Malacca on Saturday (28/12) and we decided to go back Malacca early on Christmas Eve (24/12). We took the 707 coach from Queens Street Singapore straight away to Malacca Bus Sentral. It was about a 5 hours journey and I was so pleased with baby Zaanse. She didn’t make noise and sleep through the journey, we never expected the journey can be so smooth … :p

Took some pictures while staying in daddy Kenji home – it is located in village area and there are many natural creations – including the different types of fruit trees and vegetables. It was so fresh for baby Zaanse as she was grow out from a city, probably it was the first time for her to see the mango tree.

And also the dogs 🙂

A picture taken in daddy home, the first night while we just touched down …

The second day (25/12), we had our breakfast with my parents in law. My mother in law brought baby Zaanse to the playground near the breakfast shop and I wished both of them had the great time spending together.

For the Christmas dinner, we met the bride to be and groom to be and also our good friends in Malacca.

Everyone wanted to carry baby Zaanse ~ It was a great dinner to meet with all the old school friends …

The next day (26/12), we went to Shong’s place for dinner. We were surprised that baby Zaanse enjoyed so much playing with their maid, because normally baby Zaanse will not mix with any strangers. But this time was a special case, even she couldn’t see our face as we are sitting apart from her.

Of course, baby Zaanse also spent some great time with my mother … My mother missed her so much.

We have been travelled to a lot of places in Malacca, we wanted to meet everyone …


This was the birthday present for my mother, she let baby Zaanse playing with it .. sigh.



On baby Zaanse birthday day (27/12) morning, we had the breakfast buffet together with my mother and sister in Equatorial Hotel. It was such a long time that I haven’t had breakfast buffet with my mother … previously my parents used to bring us to eat breakfast buffet very often while we are small.

I guess that they also had a great time spending together … 🙂



After the breakfast buffet, we brought baby Zaanse to the hotel swimming pool to swim.

She still liked to play with water as usual …

After the swimming, daddy want to have the private bath session with baby Zaanse in the bathtub .. It was the first time for baby Zaanse to try the adult bathtub.

A romper with “1” given by my sister. Yeap ~ baby Zaanse turned one on this day … We had a simple but great birthday party for baby Zaanse on the night.

Some of the photos taken during the bus journey from Singapore to Malacca. We met our friends in the same bus, and they just sit the row behind us, such a coincidence !

And this was taken when the journey back from Malacca to Singapore ..

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