18-May (Sunday), my brother’s first child is born. I decided to take some days off and back to Malacca to visit his princess ~ yes, is a girl.

22-May (Thursday), we started our driving journey back to Malacca after works. Kenji borrowed car from his friend and Kenji’s sister min and her baby boy Ivan also joined us the trip back to Malacca. All of us were sleeping at Kenji’s parent place for the first night.

* * *

23-May (Friday), both babies woke up earlier in the morning. They just hang around in the house and “watched” the dogs. There were total 3 big dogs at Kenji’s parent place.

Probably they were still young, there weren’t much interactions between baby Zaanse and baby Ivan. Their birthdays were only differences by one day.

Both babies were given a milk packets, actually baby Zaanse already drink her milk this morning.


Baby Zaanse always happy with food or drink, ha ..

It’s time for breakfast. After the breakfast, we were going to my mother’s place.

* * *

Baby Zaanse took her bath and changed to dress after back to my mother’s place. Wonder if she still remember this place?

After lunch at my mother’s place, we went to visit my brother’s baby girl at his wife’s parent place. The baby girl was still sleeping while we reached.

Baby Zaanse keep looking at the little baby girl … wonder if she still remember the time of being a newborn baby?


It’s feeding time for the little baby girl, I have been a long time didn’t feed or burp a newborn baby. It’s time for me to catch up the skills and experiences ~

* * *

24-May (Saturday), my sister back to Malacca on Friday night and baby Zaanse was happy to see her familiar face in the house. She was dancing when we turned-on the radio, she looked happy huh?

Hi-5 with my sister ~

Baby Zaanse always like to stand in front of my mother’s balcony, she wanted to go out to the balcany. I also like the view from the balcony, from there we can see the whole street of Melaka Raya ~ the most happening place in Malacca.



Time to drink water, baby Zaanse ~

But she started to play with water after a while, her clothes is wet!

After shower and changed to new clothes, my mother also finished cooking the lunch. Time for them to have some interactions ~ my mother keep looking at baby Zaanse.

And she could not control herself, she wanted to kiss baby Zaanse chubby cheeks.

Back to the living room, all of us watching the tv show together.

We didn’t bring toys back to Malacca, however baby Zaanse would try to look around and find herself with something to play, e.g. hangers.

After lunch, baby Zaanse followed daddy Kenji back to his parent’s place while I just took some breaks and stayed in my mother’s place. Heard from daddy Kenji, she didn’t miss me at all because she enjoyed so much playing with baby Ivan and the adults at Kenji parent’s place. Well, I also enjoyed my personal leisure time with my mother and sister for shopping and eating :p

* * *

25-May (Sunday), daddy Kenji brought baby Zaanse back to us. We gave baby Zaanse some grapes bought from supermarket. Grapes was one of her favourite fruits …

She would show this “NO NO” signs when we asked her if we can eat her grapes.

After her nap, we brought her to Shong’s place for friends gathering. I personally feel that Shong’s place always be the most comfortable place for gathering.

There were so many toys for baby Zaanse to play too, including this drums set.

* * *

26-May (Monday), we went to visit my mother’s workplace after baby Zaanse had her day nap. My mother was so happy to see baby Zaanse, she carried baby Zaanse around and introduced to all her colleagues.

After leaving my mother’s workplace, we went to the famous chicken rice ball shop for lunch which located at Jonker’s Street.

We also went to shopping at Makhota shopping center and had the Mille Crepe at this famous Nadeje cafe.

I ordered the Mille Crepe without alcohol and baby Zaanse liked it very much. Everything shown from her face expression ~

After the shopping, we went back to Kenji’s parent place. There was pasar malam hold at that area, we bought some food from the pasar malam for dinner. After that, we brought baby Zaanse and baby Ivan to the grass field located opposite to Kenji’s parent place. Both babies enjoyed so much playing at the grass field, baby Zaanse even run to hug baby Ivan and they both falled down together!

Daddy Kenji took bath for the two babies after back from the grass field. The two babies looked cute when naked ~

Daddy Kenji opened the Hi-5 show from youtube, both babies liked to watch hi-5 show.

* * *

27-May (Tuesday), it was the last day of Malacca trip. I bought baby Zaanse a shirt and pair of shorts from Makhota shopping center, they only costed me for less than 10 bucks after 70% discount.


Daddy Kenji also bought a new pink backpack for her, she looked like a student with the backpack and book.

She seems grew up a lot, she brought her book to the table and started to “read” …


After finished packing all the stuffs, we met both families for brunch at a dim sum restaurant. After the dim sum brunch, we were heading back to Singapore.

While back to Singapore, we dropped baby Ivan and Min back to Bukit Panjang. We had a quick lunch at Bukit Panjang shopping center, the two babies were attracted by the games in the shopping center.

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