Finally, we organized the first house warming party with friends ~ Because the party is held in the morning, so I named it as Brunch Party … I wrote down the menu on the chalkboard beside our counter-bar. With the new oven, I have learned how to bake pasta and cookies – so these are parts of the brunch party menu. I bought the 2 tiers pink color serving stands from Ikea during promotion to serve all the mini fruit tarts and assorted breads and cakes.

All the paper cups are stamped with individual name – everyone will have their own cups and they can decor their cup with the stickers put on the table.

These were the cup cookies we have made in advance ~ thanks to my dear sister helping me to mix the ingredients and taught me how to make the cup shape. They are meant for the mini fruit tarts.

So, these are the final result of the mini fruit tarts – I used the strawberry.

This was the second time of making the baked pasta – it was tougher than first time because I need to make more than 10 persons of serving portion. I have made into 2 bakeware and all are finished.

Finally, want to thank to my dear sister and all the guests ~

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  1. 產假 … |

    April 9, 2013 at 4:58 pm

    […] 因為有了oven,也乘機學習烤餅乾,烤brownie,pasta等等,還蠻好玩的,特別是聽到朋友的讚美,哈哈。 因為新居入伙和寶寶的誕生,也邀請朋友來聚聚,自己做了一些食物。 […]

  2. xiaohuiis

    April 22, 2013 at 8:55 am


    I love the design of your house ^^ Mind sharing your contractor’s details as well as the Mr K from renotalk details?

    Thanks in advance =D

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