Zaanse know that we were going to host a Halloween Party at home and she was so excited. I told her that we need to do some DIY for the party preparation including the water bottle labels. The whole process was done by her, I only provided a little bit assistance when she need to cut the original water bottle labels. First, she took out the water bottles from the carton box and started to remove the outer package of water bottles.

Then she had to remove the original seal label of the water bottle. It was quite difficult for her to cut the original seal so I helped her to press the water bottle.

Then she took the stickers and paste into the water bottles.

Previously we always used the whole piece of labels which need to design or buy and I found that the labels are more expensive and required more efforts. To make it simple, we use the round stickers and the outcome was not too bad though.

Well, it’s done!

And I also tried few recipes for the blueberries muffins, the kids always have the muffins for breakfast. Well, the blueberries made their tooth turned to black and the effect was not bad.

Happy girl and the happy boy ~ Our loves.

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