It’s time to trim hair for Zaanse, her bangs grow long very fast .. we have to trim for her regularly. We cut her hair by our own since her baby time, we never brought her to hair salon before. This definitely saved us some money, but most importantly, it was much convenience for both of us and Zaanse herself. She probably will not feel comfortable for others to touch her hair … To DIY haircut for toddler, we have prepared a chair, towel, comb and a pair of scissors. The best place to do her haircut will be balcony which we do not need to worry on the hair falls to the floor.

First, we need to drape some newspapers over her shoulders to to keep the hair off.

Then, we used her comb to comb her front hair and it’s ready for the tiny snips.

We began to snip her bangs from the outside of her left eyebrow.

She looked scared after few sections of cut, we decided to switch and I continued to trim the remaining of her bangs.
hair cutting


Finally, it was done! We used the towel to clean away the hair falls on her face.

Good job, Zaanse! We praised her with her nice haircut and her good behaviour of sitting still.

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