One of the Saturday, we bought this type of grow your own cherry tomatoes kit from Popular store and daddy Kenji planned to do this activity with Zaanse. The kit itself come with a small pot, seeds, starting soil, instructions and growing tips.

Daddy Kenji read the instruction from the box and started by puting everyting inside the bowl.

After that, he asked Zaanse to pour water into the bowl and started to countdown time with his watch.

Is it ready? Yes!

So this was the last round to mix the soil and seed with the water.

Last step was to put everything back to the plant pot. Everything looked pretty easy. Heard that cherry tomatoes was one of the easiest plant to grow.

That’s all and wait for cherry tomatoes to grow, will update again! Keeping the soil moist is very important and water regularly definitely is a must. One more thing, cherry tomatoes love sunlight and everyday we need to give them at least 8 hours of sunshine.

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