A month after Mother’s Day celebration, we have the Father’s Day celebration. I secretly asked Zaanse to make a Father’s Day card for her first lover ~ daddy Kenji. Well, she always quote father as her most favourite person and mother become the second favourite person. There are times when I become her most favourite person as well … And she always said my most favourite person is her brother, baby Xavy.

As always, Zaanse is the father’s sweet heart. She likes to cuddle her daddy and her daddy likes to sleep with her as well. I am a light sleeper and I don’t practice to sleep with the children.

Though most of the times, baby Xavy likes to “crawl” on me … but there are times when he wants daddy’s cuddles.
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Daddy Kenji definitely is their number one daddy!
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Back to the Father’s Day card I asked Zaanse to make …

I asked her to choose the colors she wants and pour the color paints into IKEA color palette.

Then, she painted her hand with the colors.


After she done the handprint on the card, we continued to work on the wordings part.

I designed the wordings in photoshop and cut them out for Zaanse to glue them on the card.

It’s done. I inspired from this link of the quotes “It takes a big heart to hold a little hand”. It sound very true to me … the big heart is very big and it need a lot of patients to deal with the children whether they are babies, toddlers or older kids!

On the actual Father’s Day, Zaanse gave the card she made to daddy Kenji …

Baby Xavy also wanted to join them …


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  1. Daddy Kenji

    June 26, 2015 at 4:19 pm

    I love the card. But my best gift is her expression on the night before she went to bed on Father’s Day 2015…

    I was trying to explain our family structure, she almost cried when I told her the person I love the most is her mother. So, I was corrected by her: the person I love the most is Zaanse, and the person she loves the most is Papa.

    After I finished the song (月亮代表我的心) to make her sleep, she told me that she not angry with me anymore…

    Yes, my dear, you will always be my dearest girl… And I received the all my Father’s day gifts for my life time in just one night…

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