This was another collaboration with Singapore Mom Bloggers after the small space blog train. I have been looking forward for this blog train as I also one of the Daiso fans. Besides of IKEA, Daiso is another frequent visit place for us. With their convenience locations, we paid visit to Daiso at least twice per month! We definitely have more than hundred stuffs from Daiso, this set of rubber ducks was just part of them. These ducks have been residing in our house since Zaanse’s baby time and now they are baby Xavy’s shower buddies.

Baby Xavy loves to open and close cabinet doors and drawers, to him whatever is hidden away simply does not compete with his awesome toys.
Thanks to baby Xavy, we have installed all the drawers with baby proof locks from Daiso.


I also liked the Zakka wooden boxes from Daiso, they look nice and function well to keep all the baby toiletries organize.

The plant pots in Daiso were so cute ~ I bought many of them at once for our balcony plants decoration. The next day we visited Daiso, they were sold out!

The plant pots match with our succulent plants.

Another occasion which we definitely need to pay visit to Daiso was the festival celebration. Remember my Christmas Decor which costed me for less than 10 bucks? Yes, Daiso was the best place for festival decoration shopping. As Halloween is coming, we also bought some Halloween stuffs from Daiso for decoration.

We put another in Zaanse’s room.

And of course, not to miss the Halloween costumes for the kids.

PS. Want to check out what the other Daiso-loving mums have shared? Click the button below for more great ideas and tips for shopping at Daiso!

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