Before travel to Taiwan, I received a newsletter from TinTint 點點印 that they were going to have some roadshow event at 好丘 Goodchos Cafe. I used to print my calendar from TinTint and I like their products. TinTint was the printing company to help peoples print their calendar, photobooks, cards etc.



There were some baby and kid photographs displayed outside the event room, baby Zaanse seems know how to enjoy the arts — she looked concerntrate on the photos.



Tintint displayed the end products printed from their clients – some looked quite interesting.





After left the TinTint event room, we took some photos with baby Zaanse at this place called 四四南村. Time flies ~ I still remembered last time I also took photos for my sister at this place but now I was taking photos for my baby !

Baby Zaanse fall sleep ~ she was tired already …



We decided to walk to metro station instead of taking public transport. While walking to metro station, we passed by the famous Taipei 101. During my trip to Taiwan, I have more than 4 times passed by this building but I never walked into the building .. I only took photos from outside.

Again, we went back to hostel to take some rest before meeting our Taipei friends. Took this photo with iphone when taking lift to our hostel room …

When traveling with baby, always have to bring her toys along … Baby could be quite moody sometimes, this time happy but next time could be fussy ~ so must always have something to attract her attention. Example, picture at left showed she was happy but picture at right showed she was quite fussy, bitting her toy :p

Our friend Chan Lee and his wife brought us to Taoyuan to meet another friend Lih Yan and his family. Lih Yan treated us steamboat at Taoyuan … forgot to take some photos with the friends, baby was crying badly ….

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[ 好丘 Goodchos Cafe ]
– 臺北市信義區松勤街50號

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