Today weather is hotter than yesterday and we were going to Disneyland for second day visit.

Before checked out at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, we explore the hotel garden including the Mickey Maze.

It’s breakfast time and we were having breakfast buffet at Enchanted Garden Restaurant.

There were so many cute Mickey pancake and waffles for the kids and they liked it.

The first Disney Characters that stopped by our table was the dog – Pluto.

And he asked Zaanse to give her the only Mickey pancake on her plate, she cried. She was scared by the Pluto dog and after that, she thought all the Disney characters were coming to ask for food from her. Actually she has been looking forward to meet all her favourite Disney characters during the breakfast time but the Pluto dog spoiled her mood and we didn’t capture any happy photos with the Disney characters including her favourite Miney Mouse. She kept crying whenever there was a Disney characters come close to her, this was definitely an expensive but bad breakfast experiences.

Great that she was happy when played her favourite ride – Cinderella Carousel.

Yeah, we went back to Disneyland and our first stop was Fantasyland again.

The kids were having fun playing the Mad Hatter Tea Cups too.

We went back to some favourite rides including The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and we skipped Dumbo the Flying Elephant as the weather was too sunny.

We have to remind the kids to drink more water due to the sunny day.

We made a short visit to Fairy Tale Forest too.

Before leaving the Fantasyland, Zaanse wanted to make the final ride of Cinderella Carousel.

Xavy liked to look up when riding the Cinderella Carousel.

We took the train back to Main Street U.S.A.

We found this Art of Animation interesting especially the Toy Story Zoetrope is stunning!

After left the Disneyland Park, we took the Disneyland Express and MTR back to Mongkok. We took our dinner at 旺角富記粥品 but this time we ate there instead of packing back to Airbnb.

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