Today was a raining day in Melbourne, looked like it going to be a full day raining. After heard from our friends that traffic and parking in Melbourne was not that good, we decided to take bus from Doncaster to Melbourne city.

Baby Zaanse looked blur inside the bus, she seems sleepy. We tried to position her to sleep on daddy’s shoulder and she fall sleep in just few minutes.

After about 40 mins bus ride, we reached our destination ~ Melbourne CBD. Baby Zaanse still sleeping in the carrier, we didn’t want to wake her up.

The first stop we wanted to go in Melbourne city was Queens Victoria Market, I wanted to see the popular morning market in Melbourne.

The interior of Queens Victoria Market was very clean and bright with a lot of stalls.

The exterior part was selling fruits and vegetables, I bought a packet of grapes for today snack.

Bought a pastry from one of the stall, our breakfast time …

And the sausage bun for daddy Kenji.

I also bought this big macaroon, it was the biggest I have tried ~

While on the way to next stop, I also bought a sushi roll … ha, I was eating a lot.

The next stop was the State Library, I always liked to see the library in other countries and how were the peoples reading there …

The State Library was huge and beautiful, I liked their interior design, very historical feeling. There were two big chess game boards on the entrance of State Library, they can be moved. Baby Zaanse also woke up …

After the State Library, we walked to Chinatown.


It was raining the whole day, luckily we brought two umbrellas and a baby beanies for baby Zaanse.

We decided to had dim sum for our lunch and we choose this popular dim sum restaurant “Shark Fin Inn” at Chinatown.

Compared the two dim sum places we tried, I personally preferred the one at Westfield Doncaster.

After lunch, we had some walks around Bourke Street.

And I also have some shoppings inside the Bourke Street Mall – It was H&M now.

We took the bus back from Melbourne City to Doncaster, baby Zaanse was playing with daddy Kenji ..

The bus journey was much faster than the morning, we took around 30 mins to arrive at Doncaster friend’s house.

We met our friends PY and her husband for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant called “Tien Dat” at Box Hill. The restaurant was very crowded even though it was just a weekday night.

We tried many signature Vietnamese food and they were nice ~

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