We are flying again … We managed to get the promotion from Singapore Airlines SQ, flying to Tokyo for 625.90 nett per person. With this attractive promotion, we decided to go for travel again ~ and this was actually our first time to Japan, everything was fresh and interesting to us … We took SQ638 Boeing and flying off at 11:55 PM at terminal 3. After 5 hours of sleeping, we woke up and saw the sky started to getting brighter.


Finally, we managed to see the sign of land ~ we were going to reach soon …

Can you see? I believed it was Tokyo … many high building.

After arrived in Narita airport, we bought Suica+N’EX package and it was a discounted package meant for tourists which include a round-trip ticket between Narita Airport and the Tokyo/Yokohama area on the Narita Express train along with 1,500 yen preloaded on a Suica smart card (Suica is Tokyo Ezlink card). For more information you can refer to this website http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/suica-nex/.


In Japan, we can really saw many old uncle and old aunty … they are old and yet healthy, think it was because Japanese eat healthier food.




After dropped our luggage at hotel (Hotel Horidome Villa), we took the metro to first destination ~ Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo 築地市場.

We finally found this place ~ Itadori 虎杖 | いたどりホームページ. Lunch was the first thing to do when we reached Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo 築地市場. We saw this place which was highly recommended by kunghc, the famous Taiwanese blogger of Tokyo .. they went to Tokyo many times and always like to go this place for meal ~


We were not hungry (still full after the breakfast in flight) ~ we ordered one portion for the 元祖海鮮ひつまぶし うに特盛り cost about 2,900 yen for one set. There were 3 ways of eating this, the restaurant waiter will teach you how to eat … He helped us to separate into 4 session.


First bowl, He helped us to put Uni (sea urchin) aside and mix it a little with wasabi & soy sauce.

Second will add more Uni and mix it with others ..

Third was to add some soup (not sure what was the name) on it :

We finished everything, Kenji liked it ~~


He even asked to take a photo with the restaurant employee ~ both of them looked happily.

The address of the restaurant :
月~土 8:30~17:00(16:30LO)/17:00~23:00(22:30LO)
日・祝 8:30~22:00(21:30LO)
For more info pls visit their homepage at http://www.itadori.co.jp/shop/shop_07.html.

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