Just another normal occasion playing in Zaanse bedroom, she suddenly attempt to color the IKEA Train set into green using her crayon. First thing stroke my mind was, CANNOT!!! It will be messy, the crayon will not properly stick on the wooden tracks, and the excess will be all over the floor. Yet daddy Kenji showed his tricky face, and promised Zaanse that he will help her to turn the track to green (without “consulting” me before hand) if she marks all her attendance in school for the whole week.

His action nearly drove me crazy until the first 2 blocks turned out actually quite well. Since then, coloring IKEA train became weekly activities, as a reward for Zaanse being a good girl attending schools.

Instead of using crayons, daddy Kenji dug out the IKEA MALA coloring set that I bought long time ago.




It is always pleasant to see Zaanse so focus, exploring the world of colors with her own hands.




Not sure if she really understands that mixing two colors actually create another new color.
Red + Yellow = Orange, Black + White = Grey.


This was the very first attempt, Green as promised and requested, Yellow as a bonus.


Zaanse anticipating her very first 2 colored train track. Daddy Kenji place it outside the window, and got help from Mr Sun to dry them up.



Tadda, she happily playing her train, the track getting more and more colorful. Can’t wait to see the final product. Hopefully by then she will not need the coloring sessions as her rewards for attending school.

1st week: Green, Yellow.

2nd week: Red, Blue, Pink, Grey. She got a bit bored when coloring the final track. Guess it is still quite hard to get toddler to focus on the same thing for a longer period.

3rd week: Orange. She fell sick this week, only managed to attend school for 3 days, she is totally okay when we told her that she only get to color one track. Mixing Red and Yellow replaced the missing fun anyway.

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