This year we spent almost 2 weeks in KL and Malacca for Chinese New Year Gathering. We flied back to KL on 2 Feb, the kids are sick but good thing was they are in the recovering status … just that, baby Xavy refused to drink water … sigh.

+ + + 2-FEB (Tuesday) + + +
The first few days we were staying in my brother place, what’s a nice place? The kids enjoyed playing with sister xuan xuan.


Xuan Xuan likes to play with Zaanse, I guess girl normally prefer girl.

+ + + 3-FEB (Wednesday) + + +
We also find chances to meet friends in KL, we met yiing yng and her gals in Marmalade Cafe … It’s a nice place with the kids play area.


We also managed to meet hooi loo … happy to meet all the old friends.

At night we went to a cosy place for Korean bbq dinner.

+ + + 4-FEB (Thursday) + + +
Daddy Kenji contacted his cousin and we went to her place too, it was so near to my brother’s place. There are so many toys for the kids to explore.

And nearby have a indoor playground, I must say the indoor playground in Malaysia is very nice – cheap and spacious, things are very new too!

Even just the ride also very nice and new.

We met yennie for dinner. Wow, really happy to chit chat with old friend … I guess we will have better chat time without the kids :p

+ + + 5-FEB (Friday) + + +
Before heading back to Malacca, my brother brought us to the shopping mall near his neighbourhood. Baby Xavy fall sleep after the breakfast and we have to rent a stroller from the shopping mall. I wish Singapore shopping mall can provide such a nice service too, and it is free and very new stroller!

There is a nice indoor playground for the kids.

It was just less than $3 entrance fee, the girls were having fun.

My brother helped me to take care of the girls and the boy still sleeping deeply. Kenji and I went for a high tea with bird nest dessert … just want to enjoy the moment without the kids.

After that, baby Xavy also woke up and we let him joined the girls in playground.

After that, we have a nice Japanese lunch with my brother family and started the journey back to Malacca. My girl was already exhausted and both kids fall sleep in the driving journey.

Yeah … then we have back to Malacca, my mom was so happy to see the grandchildren.

She even wanted to feed Zaanse which was not something we used to do in Singapore. She is 3 years old already, must eat by herself.

After dinner, my mom also gave the children some Chinese New Year goodies ..

Of course, they enjoyed eating!

The boy can’t eat, he only can see. Ha…

+ + + 6-FEB (Saturday) + + +
My mother, my sister and myself brought baby Xavy to Pahlawan Shopping while Zaanse followed her father back to grandparents place.

I bought a set of doctor toys while shopping with my mother in Pahlawan shopping center. Zaanse like it very much.

She played from day to night ..

Well, this was also the only toy in the house.

+ + + 7-FEB (Sunday) 年初夕 + + +
My brother brought his family and Xuan Xuan brought another doctor toys.

Though it is not yet official Chinese New Year, the kids already received red packets from adults.

Every kids have their own red packets …

My mother was definitely one of the happiest to see all her grandchildren gather under the same roof.

The boy was happy too!

After dinner, Zaanse was helping my mother to massage her back. I guess she found it fun and my mother enjoyed it too.

My mother likes to cuddle Zaanse so much, she missed her a lot.

+ + + 8-FEB (Monday) 年初一 + + +
The kids have something new to do again ..

They were having fun to run in the house, especially the eldest girl ~ Zaanse!

The youngest kid – baby Xavy found everything interesting.

But he still cannot stop disturbing his sister especially when he saw she has something new, even just a chair … they were fighting too.

We also went to my sister in law place to visit her parents.

Well, this is where the kids having their nap and night sleep .. and we are sleeping on the queen size bed beside them.

At night we went for a coffee break after dinner with my family.

To be continued in next post.

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