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+ + + 9-FEB (Monday) 年初一 + + +
The kids were playing the doctor game again …

Seem like this has become their daily routine.

After the breakfast, we brought the kids to the Jusco indoor free play area. Wow … the rides and games here looked fun to the kids and they were not expensive too!

The rides in Jusco were so big, it can occupy more than 6 adults!

Zaanse also played the basketball game.

She joined the hitting monster game too.

Another rides again ..

My mother changed RM10 and we can play a lot of games!

I still love this bus the most as we can also sit inside.

After lunch, we dropped the kids at my sister in law place for afternoon nap. .. And guess what, we slipped out for a movie! It has been many years that I never watched CNY movies with my mother and sibling, I really missed it.

For dinner, we just ate at home as usual and the kids played the doctor toys again. Zaanse used the doctor toys to set her territory.

+ + + 10-FEB (Tuesday) 年初二 + + +
It’s another day again … This time only the two girls were playing.

Xuan Xuan likes to mix with Zaanse, she always looked for her … the eldest girl.

So cute to see all of them lying in the same line for milk time.

The first one to finish the milk?

Is baby Xavy, he always drink very fast and can drink 270ml per session while Zaanse only drink 180ml per session.

After dinner, we went to Shong’s place to meet daddy’s old buddies.

+ + + 11-FEB (Wednesday) 年初三 + + +
We bought some 沙炮 for the kids to play. It’s Zaanse first time playing this.

Xuan Xuan and her family come for lunch and Zaanse kissed her!

In the evening we went to visit LY and her family.

We went to Jonker street after left LY place.

+ + + 12-FEB (Thursday) 年初四 + + +
We managed to meet some secondary school friends at Tok’s cafe.

After the gathering, we went to my parents in law place for dinner. And forgot to mention, my mother managed to carry baby Xavy for several times.

+ + + 13-FEB (Friday) 年初五 + + +
The previous night, Zaanse was sleeping with my mother – is herself requested for that! This girl was so sweet, my mother definitely like her a lot.

“Good morning, grandmom …”

The boy saw them and want to join the cuddle.

Yeah, let’s hug together!

Before heading back to KL, we brought the kids to Jusco indoor playground to have some fun. Wow, it is really big and many nice stuffs … we definitely will visit this place very often when we back to Malacca.

This is our last lunch in Malacca and we have a quick B&W lunch.

And we heading back to KL and stayed in my brother place, the kids back to their play area.

We were having very nice seafood dinner with my brother family before flying back to Singapore on the next day.

After dinner, we went to a shopping mall nearby and there is a free indoor playground.

The kids were having a lot of fun!

Yeah, Malaysia has many kids play area … Quite a children friendly place.

+ + + 14-FEB (Saturday) + + +
We had our lunch in KLIA II before departure.

And we bought some very yummy bread from the airport.

Time to fly, good bye to Malaysia ~

Something that my mother has promised to Zaanse, was the fire cracker … she was not able to find it in Malacca so we bought in Singapore and Zaanse finally tried it when back to Singapore.

The last red packet, was from her nanny … Her nanny missed her so much too.

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