After seeing the TV promotion ads, we decided to bring the kids to the Christmas Wonderland. Frankly speaking, the TV promotion ads is quite attractive though actual is always not as good as we thought.

We choose one of the weekday to bring the kids and we fetch the kids earlier from school after their afternoon nap.

The first station is Ice Palace and we have prepared the winter clothing for the kids.

Adults are not allowed to enter the Snow Playground and it is S$16.00 per child for a 20-minute session. They will provide the snow boots for the kids.

We have reminded Zaanse to look after her little brother but she always forgot about him when she started to play.

It’s quite fun to see both playing inside the snow playground with the bulky winter wears.

After seeing his sister playing the slide, Xavy also want to try but he was unable to climb up due to the bulky jacket.

This little boy was actually wearing the pass-down Zara girl jacket from his sister (she wore it during our Australia trip), the label is written as for girl :p

After the snow playground, daddy brought the kids to play the ice slide inside the Ice Palace and they have played for many rounds.

Actually the Ice Palace is quite big and have included the snow playground, Ice Skating and Ice Slide. There is also a Paul Restaurant available inside the Ice Palace.

We decided to settle our dinner at Paul Restaurant.

Our last visit to Paul was during our Paris trip.

After dinner, we brought the kids to the Carnival Games.

The Carnival Game stalls are located at the Fairground (in The Meadow) and we have to purchase the tokens from the token booth.

After several trials, daddy Kenji managed to win a teddy bear for Zaanse.

The little boy overflow so he has to be naked with his diaper.

Zaanse favourite was the fish rides.

I also brought the kids to visit Santa’s cottage, and of course we have bought the photo souvenirs.

The last station is the Luminarie but we didn’t take the photos of it.


— Zaanse and Xavy outfits sponsored by our shop —


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