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Halloween Party Preparation . water bottle labels Easy DIY

Zaanse know that we were going to host a Halloween Party at home and she was so excited. I told her that we need to do some DIY for the party preparation including the water bottle labels. The whole process was done by her, I only provided a little bit assistance when she need to cut the original water bottle labels. First, she took out the water bottles from the carton box and started to remove the outer package of water bottles. Then she  ...

Crafting, Home Decor

Daiso Blog Train

This was another collaboration with Singapore Mom Bloggers after the small space blog train. I have been looking forward for this blog train as I also one of the Daiso fans. Besides of IKEA, Daiso is another frequent visit place for us. With their convenience locations, we paid visit to Daiso at least twice per month! We definitely have more than hundred stuffs from Daiso, this set of rubber ducks was just part of them. These ducks have been  ...

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Father’s Day twenty fifteen

A month after Mother’s Day celebration, we have the Father’s Day celebration. I secretly asked Zaanse to make a Father’s Day card for her first lover ~ daddy Kenji. Well, she always quote father as her most favourite person and mother become the second favourite person. There are times when I become her most favourite person as well … And she always said my most favourite person is her brother, baby Xavy.

Baby is here, Crafting

Color the train rail

Just another normal occasion playing in Zaanse bedroom, she suddenly attempt to color the IKEA Train set into green using her crayon. First thing stroke my mind was, CANNOT!!! It will be messy, the crayon will not properly stick on the wooden tracks, and the excess will be all over the floor. Yet daddy Kenji showed his tricky face, and promised Zaanse that he will help her to turn the track to green (without “consulting” me  ...