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Zaanse is 4 princess Sofia party in Childcare

Time flies, Zaanse is going to celebrate her 4th birthday! Can’t imagine our little baby Zaanse is already 4 years old and we have been together with her for 4 years. While planning for her birthday party theme and she told me that she wanted Sofia the First as her birthday party theme. So I have bought some goodies bags and cake stand from online shop and managed to get them to arrive before her special day. We let her pack all the  ...

Crafting, Party

Halloween Party Preparation . water bottle labels Easy DIY

Zaanse know that we were going to host a Halloween Party at home and she was so excited. I told her that we need to do some DIY for the party preparation including the water bottle labels. The whole process was done by her, I only provided a little bit assistance when she need to cut the original water bottle labels. First, she took out the water bottles from the carton box and started to remove the outer package of water bottles. Then she  ...