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Living, Post-Reno

Post Reno . Common Bedroom 1

Opposite master bedroom was the common bedroom #1, which will be rented out. It was fully furnished with a queen size bed, brand new wardrobe, build-in shelves and study table. We also asked the carpenter to fabricate bay window cabinets for the recess area. The cabinets were big enough to store a lot of stuffs, included a large luggage. The wallpaper was ordered online from Korea, the quality was really good. A plant to put at the small  ...

Living, Post-Reno

Post Reno . Master Bathroom

We have moved in for more than 2 weeks, the master bathroom was considered as completed except the ventilation fan still pending for some touch-up. Here’re some snapshots I took for the master bathroom. I made this picture and framed it with Ikea frame, the wordings are meant for Kenji .. he always can not aim the center :p The shelf was bought from Franc Franc, design is similar to what Ikea selling but in smaller size. We also got it  ...