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Living, Post-Reno

Post Reno . Playroom

Bought the chest drawer from Ikea during recent promotion, thanks to his cousin to send us back with this heavy stuff. Kenji took very short time to assemble the whole stuff, we decided to put it inside the playroom as the storage area of our DIY tools. The playroom will be the area for baby Zaanse to play around and also will be the place for us to enjoy our crafting hobbies. Saw this kraft box selling at $3.50 while shopping for stationary  ...

Living, Post-Reno

Post Reno . Balcony

We went to the garden near to our place and bought these plants. It was a sunny day, we brought our baby to the garden to choose the plants we wanted to put at the balcony. Baby Zaanse seem very tired, she fall asleep … We carried all the plants and walked 1km distance back to home, what’s a bad idea? We have bought total of 9 plants – we liked Daisy the most …

Living, Post-Reno

Post Reno . Kitchen

We liked the open concept kitchen, spent quite a lot of efforts and time to design the kitchen layout. We hacked the original walls and storeroom to create this open concept kitchen, it was a huge change. We asked the carpenter to build a counter-bar ~ it will be the place to hang out with friends. The lightings were ordered online ~ quite like the effect. The kitchen cabinet top was made from kompactop – quite different from normal  ...