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My dear sister ROM . Kids holiday

Yes, my dearest sister is getting married! But this post is not to blog about her solemnisation. It is about the holiday for kids because of xuan xuan visit. Xuan xuan is my niece – daughter of my brother. They come to Singapore because of my sister solemnisation. * * * 13-OCT-2016 * * * When they touched down, we joined them for swimming at the Grand Mercure Hotel they stayed. After swimming, the kids were having a lot of fun in the  ...

Baby is here, LIFE

What is Intussusception?

Just to share our experiences about this “Intussusception” … It is a very new term to us, and we learnt it from Zaanse’s story. On 12th June Sunday morning, Zaanse started to cry due to abdominal pain. We thought it could be due to constipation as she didn’t pass motion on this day. We tried some self-rescue method to assist her but she just have very little stools. After that, she still cried that her tummy  ...